Jessica started playing piano at the age of 3 because her mother had a background in music. This unique experience influenced her passion for teaching preschool music classes when she first began teaching many years later. She believes exposure to music at a young age fosters deep connection with it throughout the rest of a student’s life. It builds confidence, communication skills, and focus. It can be a great way to process and cope with the many obstacles life can present, and it’s a resource that can be tapped into for many years to come.

Her bachelors program at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, She is doing her master degree in Music Education now . She brings her background in education and psychology to the private music education world, and loves to infuse the learning environment with fun, passion, and excellence. She helped students to go thought piano and vocal exam RCM, ABRSM, and local music Festival .

Vicky Li

Language: English, Mandarin

Master of Music in New Musical Theatre and piano pedagogics, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu City, Taiwan Sep. 2017 - July 2020 BA in Philosophy, National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi County, Taiwan Sep. 2012 - Jan. 2017, BA in music education (Double Major) National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi County, Taiwan,

Vicky LI, has won many prizes both as a soloist and a collaborator in various competitions across Taiwan. Ms. Vicky is a qualified Suzuki and RCM teacher, and is experienced with the UK ABRSM exam system. As a mother of a budding toddler, Vicky is super patient to students. She has been teaching piano over  5 years. Last year, Her students earned great marks at ABRSM / RCM exam.

Jia Xian Li

李甲先,自幼师从于肇庆音乐学院钢琴系主任胡建,2012 年毕业后曾担任广州番禺区少年宫钢琴教师。 2013 年受聘于雅马哈钢琴艺术培训中心钢琴导师。2014年荣获“YAMAHA”杯钢琴比赛广州赛区优秀指导教师,2016-2019 年担任雅马哈香港艺术中心钢琴总监。李斯特香港-国际钢琴公开赛二等奖。第四届香港国际钢琴公开赛专业组金奖。

Li Jiaxian, studied under Hu Jian, the dean of the piano department of Zhaoqing Conservatory of Music since childhood. After graduating in 2012, he became a piano teacher in the Children’s Palace in Panyu District, Guangzhou.

In 2013, he was hired as a piano instructor at Yamaha Piano Art Training Center. In 2014, he was awarded the outstanding instructor of the Guangzhou Division of the “YAMAHA” Cup Piano Competition. From 2016 to 2019, he served as the piano director of Yamaha Hong Kong Art Center. Liszt Hong Kong-International Piano Open Second Prize. The 4th Hong Kong International Piano Open Professional Category Gold Medal. The Best Tutor Award in the Piano Division of the 8th Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival. His student won the gold medal in the Piano Division of the 8th Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival.

His teaching style is strong affinity, patient and meticulous, good at guiding and actively cultivating children’s interest in learning, so that they can learn piano happily.

Sunny Chen

出生于音乐世家,自幼学习钢琴,小提琴。1990 年以优异的成绩考入维也纳格拉兹音乐学院攻读 硕士研究生学位,钢琴,小提琴双主修 。 1994 年毕业后在台湾小明音乐学院教学, 1997 年在台湾国立音乐学院担任高级讲师。1999-2002担任台湾胜利国际音乐学院教授。 2002- 2017 布拉格国际钢琴比赛评委,小提琴比赛特邀颁奖嘉宾。 20 多年音乐教学 sunny chen 帮助无数学生考入台湾知名音乐学院,无数琴童在欧洲音乐节和比赛中获奖。 2018年 Sunny chen 随丈夫移民美国后非常注重幼儿音乐教育,她的音乐表演课程深受小琴童们的喜爱。让孩子在寓教于乐中通过rcm ,abrsm 考试。荣获英国皇家音乐学院教师资格证书。

Sunny was born into a music family. She learned piano and violin since childhood.

In 1990, she was admitted to the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria with a master’s degree, with double majors in piano and violin.

After graduating in 1994, she taught at Taiwan’s Xiaoming Conservatory of Music.

In 1997, she served as a senior lecturer at Taiwan’s National Music Conservatory.

1999-2002 served as a professor at Taiwan Shengli International Conservatory of Music.

2002-2017 Prague International Piano Competition judges, violin competition specially invited guest of honor.

For more than 20 years of music teaching Sunny Chen has helped lots of students enter the well-known music academies in Taiwan, and many students have won awards in European music festivals and competitions.

After immigrating to the United States with her husband in 2018, Sunny Chen spend a lot time on music education for children. Her music performance courses are very popular among the kids. Children often pass the RCM and ABRSM exams while enjoying her lessons.

Ya Liu

Seven thousand miles, three colleges, two majors, and an overriding passion — those numbers only begin to summarize her roundabout journey from being a music major student in China, to where she is today: a young pianist at University of Washington as a piano performance major in the music program studying with Professor Craig Sheppard. 

Ya Liu started learning piano at age five. She has studied previously as a music major at Guangxi Arts University and completed her minor as an education major in China. 2017, She rekindle her own love for studying classical music — so much so that it sparked in her the courage to leave her family, career, and country in order to study it as a more professional pursuit.

The goal of her teaching is to help students balancing the development of solid techniques with musical expression. Above all, she believes music can guide students to developing their independence, confidence, and courage in the process of learning music, and exploring their own personal styles in music. Last year, her students earned great marks at ABRSM / RCM exam.

Joyce Shi

She is passionate about piano education. She started to play piano at the age of 4. She earn her Bachelor degree from Shanghai Normal University with major in Musical Education for children. She worked as piano teacher for 4 years after that.
As a piano teacher, Joyce has been certificated by Suzuki and RCM, and is a member of Music Teachers Association.
Joyce’s teaching is more focusing in student’s foundation, she believes having a good foundation is the key for students to pursue in professional level. she helped a lot of students pass ABRSM and RCM exam.

Daria Swoap

Daria Swoap grew up in a musician family. She started to play piano when she was four years old. She earned her Master degree of Music and Performing in Russian Academy of music (Gnesin) in 2001. As a pianist, she worked as a piano teacher in Seattle area since 2005, and has experience in performance and teaching Piano for more than 16 years.

Xi Chen

Xi Chen is a young Piano teacher, who had experience in learning and teaching piano for over 20 years. She started to teaching students since 2012 when she was learning performance of piano from Professor Kai Zhang in Central China Normal University. Since 2017 she moved to U.S. and started new journey in Master of Arts in Teaching program in Seattle Pacific University.
As a piano teacher, Xi Chen has been certificated by Suzuki, ABRSM and RCM, and experienced in working for Suzuki graduation judging panel. 2022 her students won international duo competition, NW piano competition, Seattle sonatina festival. Besides, Xi Chen is good at interpreting music theory and knowledge related to piano test to students as well.

Xi Chen 是一名年轻的钢琴教师,自幼学习钢琴,从本科起就开始积累钢琴教学经验。师从与华中师范大学张凯教授,钢琴表演方向。 2017年随家人移民至西雅图,就读于西雅图太平洋大学 Master of Arts in Teaching program. Suzuki 认证钢琴教师,ABRSM,RCM 认证钢琴老师。2022 年 她的学生在 international duo competition 获得第三名的好成绩,同时入围 NW piano competition,西雅图小奏鸣曲艺术节。 活泼开朗的她多次担任Suzuki graduation 毕业会评委,丰富有趣的解读儿童钢琴作品得到了孩子和家长们的好评。同时擅长讲解考级试唱练耳和乐理知识。帮助孩子们通过RCM 钢琴考级, 学生们在考级中获得优异的成绩。

Yunqing Zhang

Yunqing holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. She started taking piano lessons at the age of 4.  When she was 14-19 years old, she was selected by the Wuhan Conservatory of Music to attend and graduate. From ages 19-26 she attended Central China Normal University in Wuhan.

Honors and Awards  :

  • 2006: Excellence Award from international Robert-Schumann Klavier Wettbewerb fur Jugend. 
  • 2006: Excellence Award from international Robert-Schumann Klavier Wettbewerb fur Jugend. 
  • 2007: She was selected to an exchange students program. She went to Johannes Gutenberg University-College of Music and studied with Professor Thomas Hell. 
  • 2012: Teaching Excellence Award from Yamaha Youth Competition the Asian region
  • 2015:  Teaching Excellence Award teacher from Salt Lake Piano youth competition.
  • 2016:   Teacher Excellence Award from Weber State University youth piano program.
  • 2018:  Has many students that have passed the ABRSM.

Yunqing 2002年她离开家乡就读于武汉音乐学院附中。2004年她获得广西省音乐考生高考状元称号,热爱孩子和教育事业的她选择华中师范大学,入校后成绩名列前茅,连续4年钢琴声乐双主修。跟随声乐教授周燕学习德奥艺术歌曲,张宁教授学习古典钢琴演奏,演奏了大量中外古典钢琴的优秀作品。2006年成绩优秀的她在周燕,张宁教授的推荐下前往德国美因茨音乐学院进行交流学习师从于著名钢琴家
Thomas Hell .2008年本科毕业后任职于广西城市学院,音乐系钢琴教师,同时攻读硕士学位。2014年获得硕士学位后 Yunqing 考入美国犹他大学继续深造,主修钢琴教学法。2017年硕士毕业后搬入西雅图进行钢琴,声乐教学工作。她的学生在 Salt Lake Piano competition, USU Piano Festival 中获奖,同时也擅长帮助学生通过英皇考级(ABRSM ), Suzuki Piano Graduation和留学生艺考。 从19岁本科开始教学生的她活泼亲切,擅于用生动形象的语言激发学生的弹琴欲望,深受学生及家长的好评。

Xingzimin Pan

Xingzimin Pan’s music has been performed in the United States, Canada, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Finland, Malta, South Africa, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Australia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is the recipient of several composition competitions include IFCM International Composition Competition, The American Prize, FNMC Composition Contest and China-ASEAN Music Week Composition Competition.
As an active choral composer in China, Pan has collaborated with many outstanding choirs including Sydney Chamber Choir, University of Toronto Women’s Choir, National Taiwan University Chorus, Echo Choirs, Renwen Philharmonic Choir, Peiyang Chorus and Shanghai Spring Children’s Choir. His representative works Poem I, River of Lights and What Flowers Tell You receive strong reviews from both critics and audiences. Pan’s choral works are published by Fudan University Press, Guangdong Education Publishing House and Schott Music.
Besides choral works, Pan’s instrumental music also draws wide attention. Contributing to the new timbre and notation, his Kaidan for flute and piano is performed and studied frequently by performers, composers and theorists throughout the world, and is collected in the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz Library.
Pan has taught music theory at University of Northern Iowa and University of Utah, where he received his MM and PhD in Composition. He is now a Distinguished Research Fellow (Professor) at South China Normal University.

潘行紫旻 Clarity music school 特聘作曲老师,recording 总策划师。 他的作品被演出于美国、加拿大、德国、奥地利、法国、意大利、马耳他、南 非、匈牙利、斯洛文尼亚、罗马尼亚、波兰、澳大利亚、新加坡、中国、香港和台湾 等国家和地区,所获得的作曲比赛奖项来自国际合唱联盟国际作曲比赛、“美国奖” 音乐比赛、中国-东盟音乐周作曲比赛和美国长笛新音乐基金会国际作曲比赛等。
作为近年来一名活跃的青年合唱音乐作曲家,潘行紫旻合作过的合唱团包括悉尼室内 合唱团、多伦多大学女声合唱团、台大合唱团、Echo 合唱团、人文爱乐合唱团、北洋 合唱团、上海春天少儿合唱团等。其代表作品《诗 I》、《灯之河》和《花的诉说》等 在国际和中国合唱界获得了广泛好评,并被复旦大学出版社、广东教育出版社和德国 Schott Music 出版。
合唱音乐创作之外,潘行紫旻的器乐作品 《怪谈》因对新音色的成功挖掘和对现代记 谱法的贡献,获得了欧美音乐界的广泛关注,并被奥地利格拉茨音乐与表演艺术大学 图书馆收录。
潘行紫旻曾学习和工作于美国北爱荷华大学和犹他大学,并获北爱荷华大学作曲硕士和犹他大学作曲博士学位。目前,潘行紫旻担任华南师范大学音乐学院特聘研究员 和Clarity Music School 作曲老师,recording 总策划师


Zoey is a professional pianist with a heart full of passion for working with students and sharing her love of music. She has been studying piano since her early childhood. Zoey graduated from New York University with a Masters Degree in Piano Performance and Music Education. Zoey studied extensively with the most famous pianists and professors including Shi Zhongguang, Ye Huifang, Fang Baili and Feng Degang. She obtained her Bachelor of Music degree from Nanjing Normal University.  Ms. Yin participated in various performances and competitions in and outside the province and won numerous gold awards. Also, she held piano solo concerts from 2001 through 2010. During her training in New York, she also learned various educational methods and participated in educational practice activities for kindergarten to high school aged children, which added a wealth of interesting knowledge to her music learning path. Zoey has taught students both in China and Seattle for years, she gives private piano lessons, group lessons and general music lessons to all age groups. She always enjoys sharing her joy of music and her musical journey with students. 

Zoey Yin是一位专业的钢琴工作者,当她与学生一起工作并分享她对音乐的热爱时她的内心充满激情。 Zoey从小就开始学习钢琴, Zoey毕业于纽约大学,获得音乐教育硕士学位。她也拥有音乐教育学士学位。 Zoey在获得南京师范大学音乐学士学位后,与石中光,叶惠芳,方百里,冯德纲等省内外最著名的钢琴家和教授们进行了深入的研究和学习,之后她继续师从纽约大学的Fabio博士学习钢琴。Ms. Yin从小参加了省内外的各种表演和比赛,并多次获得金奖。此外,她还在2001年和2010年举办了钢琴独奏音乐会。在纽约的学习培训期间,她还学习了各种教育方法,并参加了从幼儿园到高中的教育实践活动,为她的音乐学习之路增添了丰富的知识储备。 Zoey多年来一直在中国和西雅图教学,她为所有年龄段的学生提供私人钢琴课程,小组课程和基础音乐课程。她总是喜欢与学生分享音乐之旅为人们带来的乐趣。